Heviz the X-th .

On time for a free weekend we meet in the "Panorama Camp" in Heviz/Hungary. The topmost terrace is our base camp for the days to come. We plan to make some tours through the surrounding country. After driving we will cure our sore bones at the thermal lake of  Heviz. Friday evening finds us sitting with a glass of red wine talking about the trails.

Saturday, June 10th : by and by the doors of the campers open up. Camp gear is placed outside and the smell of freshly brewed coffee fills the air. After breakfast we start our trucks for a visit to the remains of the Rezi castle. Though we have GPS and map, we get into difficulties on our descent.  There are a lot of new tracks and many rotten trails which are nowhere to find in the maps. A nice path leads us towards a vertical cliff that would afford 200m of winch cable to get down. We don't to damage our rigs or the surrounding nature, so we keep on looking for a better way down. There s an old stone bridge across a peace of wetland where we find a trail leading us downhill. Having found a way out, some of us happily play amoung the trees.

Franz keeps his Nissan rolling between the trees. A massive tree is disappointed by his approach and  knocks a nice cut into theroof of the truck. Rudi and Jacky now know where not to drive. In the increasing heat we proceed down to Szalaszanto. 

In spite of the heat we decide to play a little more and enter an old sand pit. Digging our tires through the soft sand, jumping across ledges is lot of fun. Martin hits the gas and his Mitsubishi lifts the front wheels high into the air.


It is time to relax a the thermal lake. Swinning - sleeping - eating - driving keeps our spirits up.

Sunday,  June 11th :  we plan a large round-trip to the lake of  Pacsa. I activate my GPS and off we go. Fording a small lake in our sand pit we drive north.

South of Szalaszanto we catch a nice path that leads us right into a swamp. Grasses high as our rooftops cover the tracks. Carefully I lead through this jungle. There are definitely no crocodiles but gullies, rotten bridges and bumps covered under the green blanket. Some miles later we reach the end of the trail. Covering the shortest distance to our original route we continue north to the buddhist stupa. It's an astonishing view to find this white lean monument aurrounded by hungarian wood. The path down to the bridge across the river Zala is easily found.  It hasn't been used for quite some time and also the trails east of the Zala can be called "fair condition", "hard to find" or "conquered by nature". We criss cross through the country until at last we reach Pacsa. There should be a Camp and a restaurant at the lakeside, but they never got further than planning. 

Monday, June 12th :  we want to end our trailride after scouting the entrance to a great sand pit. THea closed every entrance with huge mountains of soft sand. It would be nice to tackle this obstacles but we don't want to embarass anybody. Therefore we search and find a tiny path across some sand dunes leading into the pit. Michael and me we just dust around a bit. Franz on the other hand tries to climb a wall of dry sand and he makes it after some digging.

Again we spent relaxing days of trailriding in Heviz. If you ever get there, we wish you a lot of fun on the trails. Please help to keep Hungary neat and the people friendly.