Sunday in Armschlag.

A couple of warm days had removed all of the snow. Nevertheless we follow Heinz and his Toyota through the vineyards of Krems towards Armschlag. A week previousely he had found this scienic byways. Now seven off-roader follow his trails and suggestions. "Shall we set out for the snowthrift? ", comes the question on CB. Heinz told us about a snow covered ravine. Beeing alone, he had not tried to drive through. Today the snow attracts our attention and after some thinking, Heinz and Roland easily cross the patch of compressed snow. One after the other we let our rigs climb the white ledge. Michel, Jacky and Elisabeth make it, but they leave soft ruts behind. Rudi is the first to break through the surface and everybody is at hand to get him moving again. Martin is next and he also finds a nice hole for his Pajero. First a take for the video and afterwards some gymnastics to get him out. The friend are waiting for some nice action when I drive my Cherokee on to the snow. The torque of the engine is fine and my jeep slowy crosses the patch without disturbing the snow.

At Neuwiesinger's inn the guides for our next tour are already waiting.

After some coffee and the famous "Mohntaschen" we set out for a nice tour through soft dark woods and lonesome meadows. In the driving snow even the rotten farmhouses radiate a kind of romanticism.
We are engulfed by the velvet trees around the river Kamp. Large branches softly touch our windshields and the topics on the CB become philosophical. Rarely the revs of the engines reach more then 1000 RPM.

It is easy driving and my toughts start wandering, when a voice over CB fills my car,"Be careful, there is no use breaking on the next downhill stretch." There is just time enough to start the camera. The descent really is slippery. Soft acceleration keeps the wheels on track. A touch on the break would lead me towards a waiting gully providing an opportunity to use our recovery gear.

It's time for a late lunch when we arrive in Armschlag. We take the relaxed mood with us as we leave the snowy country named "Waldviertel".

It surely has been no hardcore wheeling, but even surely it has been worth the time to visit this wonderful landscape again.