A last touch of winter.

Rapidly the invitation to spend a day in the Waldviertel spread among the members of our club and on Sunday morning we set out for the snowy mountains in 11 rigs. Yet the cars are clean and jokes keep running on CB17. Climbing the Seiberer we reach the first patch of snow and on our way to Armschlag Martin experiences the first 4x4 pirouette. At the inn our guides from SUZUKI are ready to take us along their favorite trails through the wood.

Winterland Slowly the fog lifts. Sometimes sunrays touch the forest contours like a searchlight. Some minutes later wandering snow clouds cover everything with their white flakes. After some really relaxing miles through the snow covered forest the Discovery in front of me goes straight instead of following the bend of the trail. Now we find out, that below the thin coat of snow some nasty patches of ice are waiting for those who hop on the brake or whirl the steering-wheel. A short downhill stretch of trail offers some fine stunts and good videos.
Reaching a steep ascend the trail suddenly becomes serious. The first guys in their jeeps let their V8 sing out loud and rush up with spinning wheels leaving the track smooth and slippery for the next. Erich in his long Mitsubishi feels like climbing a frozen river. With his wheels blocked he slowly slips sideways into the wood. The Discovery hits some holes, the diffs open up and the driver looses all his confidence.

By means of flat accelerator and break-locking his ABS Rudi pushes his Frontera up. Sneaking near the trees I avoid the worst part of the track, then I switch to low third and off it goes. Even on the easier way round the hill Erich got about 2 miles on his odometer riding 300 yards uphill.
The last part of the tour we covered relaxing while soft snowflakes drifted all around us. We finished this day with a hearty lunch in Neuwiesingers inn.